Update Notes for October 15, 2014

First update in a while, since during election season members of Congress are not in Washington much and so things there don’t change.  Re-synchronized with the Congress Merge database.  It includes a few district office updates, some biographical changes for members of the House, and a few fax number updates.

Update Notes for June 25, 2014

Just playing catchup today, getting the congressional directory back up to date for all the changes over the last 20 days.

I also note that Representative Curt Clawson (R-FL) was sworn in to the House this afternoon.  He was elected yesterday to fill the seat formerly held by Trey Radel (R), who resigned from the House this past January.  Thanks to Jennifer Manning of the Congressional Research Service for the heads up about this swearing in.

Update Notes for May 20, 2014

Updated the district office listings for the Senate and Committee memberships for the House.

I also added Queens, NY to the list of acceptable city names for searches.  For some reason, the USPS doesn’t allow the city name, so the searches on that city would fail.