Update Notes for October 24, 2011

Some updates to the Congressional Directory made this morning include:

Update Notes for October 20, 2011

A few more updates for the Congressional directory today:

Update Notes for October 17, 2011

A big update today. Apparently the security certificate used by a bunch of House websites has expired.  This is the file on the server that ensures a secure encrypted connection between your browser and the House web servers.  Since it was expired, most of the House web forms for electronic correspondence were being blocked by browsers and unsecured.  As of this weekend, 43 House web sites changed the addresses for their web forms.  Many of them have elected not to renew their security certificates and have gone to unencrypted web forms (which as long as you are not entering passwords or other private data is not a big security concern. One of the 43, Representative Greg Walden (R – OR), is having issues with a new certificate and it is triggering an “unsafe” message in most browsers.  We’ve deleted the address for his web form until his office gets this sorted out.

Update Notes for October 14, 2011

Quite a few small changes to the Congressional directory to note this morning:

Update Notes for October 5, 2011

Mike Waters at Congress Merge has been busy updating his database which means we have quite a few updates in today’s Congressional Directory: