Update Notes for October 27, 1997

Updated the DC office address for Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-TX) and for Representative Scotty Baesler (D-KY).
I also removed the email address for Representative Lindsey O. Graham (R-SC) whose address has become “”inactive”” (It bounces back a message encouraging you to contact his offices via telephone to get a message to him).

Early this morning, Contacting the Congress got it’s 150,000th hit (at least on the homepage)! Considering it took over two years (from March 12, 1995 to May 1, 1997) to get the first 100,000 hits, it is rather impressive to me that the next 50,000 hits occured in a span of slightly less than 6 months! Stats from the last few weeks indicate an average of 311 visitors per day (considerably higher during the week [about 400/day], considerably lower on weekends [about 120/day]). It is amazing to me that this one site, which started originally as a single ASCII file posted to INFO-MAC, has become this popular. Thanks to all the people who have helped me do this, especially David Morgan (who helped me with the site very early on and continues to help to this day), Grace York (a very cool person who has provided a lot of the information on this site and who continues to provide Congressional information to a lot of people all over the WWW), and Mike Waters (who dispite his interest in selling his own software products is willing to donate his time and data to this site so that the general public can have up-to-date Congressional information).