Update Notes for August 18, 1997

Added a note about the upcoming resignation of Representative Floyd Flake (D-NY), who is resigning to spend more time with his congregation (he is a pastor). I also updated his DC FAX number and added his WWW homepage. Also noted the departure of the Press Secretary for Representative Joe Knollenberg (R-MI) and Jim Hart’s move from Chief of Staff for Representative Bart Stupak (D-MI) to Chief of Staff for Representative James Maloney (D-CT).

Update Notes for August 17, 1997

I come back from vacation to two unpleasant discoveries. One being I lost my brian, since I managed to nuke a good chunk of the email from the last few days and some from farther back. The second discovery came from Grace York, who sent me email informing me that 40 email addresses previously believed to be functional are not. Sigh, in any case, there were a lot of changes this morning, here is a summary:
New Area Code for Home District:

New WWW Homepage:

New Email Addresses:

Out of Date Email Addresses Deleted:

Update Notes for August 12, 1997

On the road in Louisville, Kentucky I have recieved the following updated information and placed it online:
New WWW Homepages for

New WWW Email Addresses for

New Legislative Director (thanks to David Morgan for the information):

Update Notes for August 8, 1997

I got an email from a nice guy named Jim Walker alerting me to a new set of bouncing email addresses, and one new email address. Here’s the list of changes: